FIRST Project Video..."Scavenger Hunt" Mirror!

Today's the day! This is my very first blog post in which I will include a video of a recent art project. Would you believe I am actually just a little nervous? Silly, huh? But like anything brand new, I'm sure there will be a learning curve to creating a blog post, and I don't want to mess it up. Here goes!

This is really a fun little project, and speaking of not wanting to mess something up, this project is pretty much fool-proof! No particular skills required!

So why do I call it a Scavenger Hunt Mirror? Well, there's a mirror, so there's that. ;) And "scavenger hunt" for TWO reasons. First, it's a scavenger hunt just to gather all the little things that you'll use for the elements on your project. And second because, when your project is complete, it makes a fun conversation piece. "Can you find a...?" Kind of a visual scavenger hunt!

Want the super-quick version of instructions to make this? Here goes:

Get something flat for a background. Get a bunch of little bitty things, and a mirror (an irregular broken piece is perfect!) Glue the mirror and things to the background. Done!

That really is all there is to it!

The really cool thing is, no two Scavenger Hunt Mirrors will be alike. You can use any size background, and shape of mirror, and an infinite variety of elements, to make it uniquely your own.

For the project I demo in the video, I used a red glazed ceramic tile, about 4 inches square. But you can use anything as long as it is sturdy enough to withstand having bits and baubles glued to it. You could even use this idea to jazz up an empty glass jar (minus the mirror). You see, your background doesn't even have to be flat, as long as it's solid (that is, not floppy.) The sky's the limit!

Because my tile already had a shiny red glaze, I didn't paint it. I do like a reflective background, because it just adds sparkle and movement when the light catches it. This is also why I like to add gold, silver, and glass elements as well. In the past, I've also even added glitter between the elements, just to catch a little more light.