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Fenton's Berry Farm
Updated June 10, 2024

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Fenton's Berry Farm is the area's premier producer of locally grown berries! 
Seasonal dates vary year to year due to weather and other factors. See below for current info.


For many years, we have been a local producer of some of the best strawberries around! YES, we did have strawberries again this year (2024). yet to be decided. Stay tuned!


Our blueberry and blackberry season usually runs from about mid-June to mid-July, but THIS YEAR we got off to an early start in late May! 

Blueberries are available to pick-your-own, Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon. Blackberries are also currently available for u-pick, first come first served during blueberry field hours, or picked to order.

Keep watching our Facebook page for regular updates on picking conditions as the season progresses. 


These beauties have been available for u-pick this spring, and will likely be so again in the fall, depending on the weather.

Please note: Due to the fragility of the berries, we do not allow children under age 12 to pick raspberries.


June 2024: We have truly enjoyed our pumpkin patch and other fall activities in the past, but with our boys and their friends grown, married!, and gone, we are not planning to continue this event. But you never know what another year might bring... ;)

In 2022 we sold the Farm Market property that we had on Highway 7. We have remodeled a section of one of our big pole barns ON the farm, located in the downhill end or the "Bottom of the Barn," and so we call it The BoB. :) We will sell any available picked produce from here, and I (Veronica) will hold my crafting classes in The BoB as well. See my Art Classes page in the menu above for more info on that!

FINALLY: We want to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty and friendship. We SO appreciate the relationships we have grown with our customers over the past 22-and-counting years! We hope to continue those relationships well into the future, and we hope you'll keep us foremost in mind as your provider of the BEST fresh produce available in the area. 


Clyde & Veronica Fenton

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A Year on The Farm...

Photographs taken around the farm at various times of the year. 

"I could pick for hours. Excellent products!!! So tasty!!"

"They have the best customer service, the best produce, and best prices. Wish I would have started going here years ago!"

Real Reviews from Real Customers

"Love this u-pick farm! Great place to pick and not far off the beaten path. Clean and easy to pick rows or just purchase what's already been picked.
Love taking my grandkids here."

"Love everything about this place."

"Always get my Blueberries from them, best I ever had, big and delicious!!!"

"Ran by and grabbed some squash, corn, and blackberries today. It was all so delicious!"

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