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Homemade by Veronica Fenton, our jams and jellies are made of simple ingredients, one small batch at a time. Hand poured and hand labeled, one at a time. All berry products are made from fruit grown at Fenton's Berry Farm. Apple, grape, peach and pepper products are made from locally sourced fruits as much as possible. Try them all!


All flavors available in half pint jar / 10 oz net weight size. Some flavors are also pictured in pint jar / 20 oz net weight size. Availability of larger size varies. Larger size not available through online purchase, but may be in stock. Just ask!


Shipping currently unavailable. Local pickup only at Fenton's Berry Farm. :)

Fenton's Own Homemade Jams 'n' Jellies

  • Due to food safety issues, we are unable to accept returns of jams or jellies.

  • Availability of jams and jellies can vary from day to day. However, we are happy to take orders for any jam or jelly type listed, and if we do not have it in stock at the time of your order, we are able to make a fresh batch on very short notice, and will still be able to supply your order within a week from the time of ordering. 

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