Fenton's Farm Market

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Updated October 12, 2020


Except as a Venue for Veronica's Art Classes!

Located just 2 miles from the Farm, Fenton's Farm Market provides produce grown on our own farm and/or purchased from other growers.​ Besides fruits and vegetables, the Market also  offers our own homemade jams and jellies, local honey, local free-range eggs, and sometimes local craft items. It is also the location of many of Veronica's Multi-Media Art Classes.

In 2017, we acquired a Retail Food Establishment permit from the Arkansas Dept of Health, which means we have our own certified kitchen! This allows us to make and sell our jams and other food items. We continue to experiment with creative ideas for new offerings for our customers!

"They have the best customer service, the best produce, and best prices. Wish I would have started going here years ago!"

Real Reviews from Real Customers of the Market

"Love everything about this place. It's beautiful inside and out. Definitely a must stop in!"

"Ran by and grabbed some squash, corn, and blackberries today. It was all so delicious!"

Clyde & Veronica Fenton

Fenton's Berry Farm                          Fenton's Farm Market                     

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